Brand Discovery

We are creative yet systematic. We follow a well-defined process in order to execute your branding projects. And that is exactly what makes us a leading brand architecture company in India.

Our Process

Below listed are the research processes we follow to deliver the best branding for your business.


The first step is to identify and clearly define your commercial vision. Our process for this is tailored to get the best solutions with promising actions.

Market Discovery

We then go ahead and analyse the current market to discover the opportunities we have. Working on the strategy comes next.

Product Market Fit

That’s not all! We need to ensure that you are in the right place, targeting the right people. We need to establish that you’re meeting the demands of your market.

Scale Evaluation

Now that we have the basic idea, we need to know how scalable your business is? Is there a scope to improve it and make it more sustainable? We identify where you can thrive and scale exponentially.

Feasibility + Prioritization

The big question is how ideal is your ambition? We figure out the distance and route map to reach your goal. The route map is set according to your priorities and their feasibility.

Research + NPD

Further, we help you answer the big question ‘What next?’. There is always more and you don’t need to get stuck. We literally grew up among startups and we know our way around. So we research, forecast and come up with new ideas that will work for you.

Case Study 01 - Mirth Hotels & Resorts

Luxury hospitality brand in India
Mirth Resorts

MIRTH Hotels and Resorts opened its doors in 2017 in Kochi with the aim of being an updated version of the traditional Indian hospitality and turn it into a unique business. The history, architecture and cultural legacy of South India is observed in each of its establishments. Despite being a business that reflects a traditional practice, Mirth incorporates the latest technology to not stay stuck in time. The same thing happened to his brand image, and WOC has been in charge of its design.

Case Study 02 - Krypton Energy

Krypton Energy, specialist in renewable energy, helping industries across the world powering up their energy.

The branding of Krypton Energy aims to develop a brand territory that respects and values both the technical know-how of energy engineering linked to the installation of photovoltaic panels, as well as the agility and simplicity of use digital solutions created to exploit them. WOC Branding advised Krypton Energy in its strategic positioning, both editorial and graphic.

Case Study 03 -

Moving permits allow moving companies to legally park their truck in front of their new home while they unload all of their belongings.

Do you know where great ideas live? Surely there is a place, but where? Well, I believe that just as the infinite our mind is a universe. A particular and complex space, difficult to measure. By observing and absorbing, we create our creative storage and in order to stimulate different perceptions, we transform something from common sense to innovative conceptions. Creating is more than just creating, It’s an act of courage. It’s going away from the comfort zone and going beyond the obvious.

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