Brand Strategy

Our brand strategists are experts in identifying the right information and sifting the relevant details. Once we have all the relevant information, we move on to the most important stage of the process – creating your brand strategy. At this stage, we will develop the brand consistency structure & operating process method you will need to take your brand to the market. And in consultation with you, we will finalize the brand strategy programme and then move onto the next stage.

Our Process

We get your brand, its story and the emotion behind it etched on your customer’s mind. Our brand positioning strategies will work as a guide for your marketing team when it comes to employing result-oriented sales strategies.
  • Market Analysis and Consumer Insight
  • Segmentation & Positioning
  • Brand Narrative
  • Visual hierarchy and Value proposition
  • Brand salience, Promise & Judgements
  • State of the brand assessments
Case Study 01 - Elo Cakes

To give an impression; personalized feeling. Élő Cakes is a minimal and contemporary project. The result is consistent packaging with a wink of elegance.

Case Study 02 - Arenq Energy

Forward to future

That's a dream thinks is worth dreaming. It motivates to develop high-class knowledge, solutions and products (like intelligent energy storage) that make it easy - and fun - for people to contribute to that dream. To help build a world that is cleaner, stronger and healthier for future generations to enjoy

Over the past few years this dream nested itself into the culture of the company. Firmly. Resulting in an impressive growth of performance. And the development of a unique mentality and company DNA. To reinforce this flow of growth, Design and build a new brand identity that could capture their distinctive combination between innovativeness and positivity, and give them the confidence to aim for even a higher level of potential. As an energy solutions provider, we thrive to harness clean and renewable energy.

Case Study 03 - SeARCH Projects

Ancestor of modern architecture.

It takes true skill to incorporate cultural staples into modern designs. Widely recognized for its ability to weave iconic Asian-influenced design practices with Modern design, SeARCH Projects has forged a new path in interior design and its brand has experienced significant success.

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