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Spoon Lighting operates in the field of interior and exterior architectural lighting offering products and ad hoc solutions, developed in response to specific functional and aesthetic challenges. Spoon indoor luminaires, outdoor luminaries and control systems constitute an extensive range of lighting equipment for general, comprehensive architectural lighting solutions.

The Identity:
"A brand is a promise". It is that sum of values and typical characteristics that people should ideally associate to its products. Otherwise said, a brand is the portrait of a style. The promise of Spoon brand is the centrality of the human being and so the will to create through light more functional and comfortable places. The company's values are the excellent requirements of our lighting fixtures. The Spoon Style, finally, is the capacity to interpret light with passion and cleverness, paying attention to both technological innovation and the emotions that light is able to excite.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand Identity & Elements
  • Brand theme

Brand Assets

  • Brand Collaterals
  • Product packaging system
  • Product Catalog
  • Master Designs
  • Brand Guidelines
interior and exterior architectural lighting
architectural lighting
ad hoc solutions
Spoon Lighting
Spoon Lighting
Spoon Lighting
Spoon Lighting
Spoon Lighting
Spoon Lighting
Spoon Lighting

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